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Monthly lunch – September 18

Picture of soldier at Gallipoli

The Gallipoli story tells of a brave but ultimately hopeless effort by the ANZACs against tenacious Turkish troops commanded by that country’s future leader. On Wednesday, September 18, our monthly lunch takes a different tack. Historian Dr John Basarin OAM looks at the famous battle to help explain some of the vexed problems confronting the Middle East this century. Book now.

Building capacity in place – Brotherhood of St Laurence

Conny Lenneberg and Jenny Macklin

Conny Lenneberg, Executive Director, the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Hon Jenny Macklin,

A place-based approach to building community capacity helps to focus on issues that occur at a neighbourhood level. The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s Executive Director, Conny Lenneberg, drew on her extensive experience in community capacity building to relate how the Brotherhood is using a place-based approach throughout Australia.

Read more and download the presentation.

Past Events

  • Elaine Carbines, Greg Hunt and Brian Howe.

    Geelong – from gloom to boom

    Five years ago, Victoria’s second city was ailing, with the imminent closure of  the Ford plant and a host of other troubles bringing bad headlines. Today, the picture is a good deal rosier with Geelong and its surrounding regions moving into information technology, creative industries, advanced fibres, defence industries, research and education. G21 – Geelong […]

  • Picture of John Daley, CEO the Grattan Institute

    Where to Australia?

    More than 80 people enjoyed a well-researched, lively, uncompromising presentation by John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute reflecting on the recent federal election results and outlining Grattan’s proposals for reform. One fascinating aspect of the talk was Grattan’s analysis, at polling-booth level, of the socio-demographic profile of swings to the Coalition and to Labor […]

  • Brian Howe, John Cain and Frank Bongiorno

    Is Social Democracy Dead?

    Former Deputy Prime Minister Brian Howe AO and noted historian Frank Bongiorno AM provided their unique perspectives on the health of social democracy at our discussion on Tuesday evening, 18 June.  They explored Australia’s values – economically, socially and culturally. The discussion considered whether is it time to ask whether lofty philosophical values like social […]

  • Winning for Women (book launch)

    Iola Mathews was one of the first generation of women trying to ‘have it all’ with a career and children. At  the recent launch of her book, Winning for Women, Iola spoke with Maxine McKew about the day-to-day groundwork required to bring about reforms in areas like affirmative action, equal pay, superannuation, childcare, parental leave […]

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