Dennis Glover: An Economy is not a Society

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Dr Glover talked to his recent book: An Economy is not a Society.

Dennis Glover can be described as a modern Renaissance man. His mix of history, moral philosophy and economics results in a powerful message when he documents changes that have occurred in Melbourne’s suburb of Doveton. In the 1950s and 60s three large factories provided 7,000 jobs for the local population. Today there are 540 similar jobs, and going down.

Dr Glover urges governments to think in terms of morality and human effects in deigning economic policy.   Reform has failed many people in Australia he states – “we could have done more”.

The Dennis Glover recipe for economists and politicians is simple:

  • Change the way we think
  • Change the narrative
  • See things in moral terms
  • The economy should include everyone
  • Think like social democrats


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