Presentations and Papers from JCF events

Lyndsay Neilson, Mike Waller, Bob Noakes, May 2018, Preparing Melbourne for autonomous transport

Felicity Wade, February 2017, Address To The John Cain Foundation

Dean Ashenden, November 2017, Six propositions for Gonski 2.0

Dr Colleen Lewis, September 2017, The Trust Deficit: trust in our political class is in free-fall

Dr Colleen Lewis, March 2017, How Clean We Might Become? A progress report on reforming Australia’s federal political donations regime

Dr Sue Thompson, March 2017 , Disadvantage in Australian Schools

Prof Leesa Wheelahan, March 2017, VET in Crisis

Prof John Buchanan, March 2017, VET in Crisis

Jude Munro, Februrary 2017, Liveability – Can we take it for granted?

Dr John Daley, November 2016, Tax Reform: what’s left on the agenda?

Dr Tom Alves, October 2016, Housing Melbourne’s Growing Population: redesigning our approach

Bruce Mountain, October 2016, Electricity in Australia: where and why did we go awry?

Mark Judd, September 2016, The Community Mini Grid: a grid-connected renewable energy system

Maxine McKew, September 2016, Why we might thank Sam Dastyari one day

Dr Colleen Lewis and Maxine McKew, September 2016, Come Clean Press Release

Michael Lennon, July 2016, Housing All Australians: new financial models

Dr Nick Dytenfurpth, July 2016, The Power of ideas: rediscovering Australian Labor’s lost traditions

Tony Dalton, November 2015, Challenges for Australian cities today

Assoc. Prof. Wendy Steele, November 2015, Australian Wild Cities

Prof. Marian Simms, November 2015, The Whitlam era and the ‘Urban’

Lyndsay Neilson, November 2015,  The Whitlam legacy- Lessons and Reflections

Lucy Turnbull, November 2015, Sustainable Australian Cities

Prof. John Thwaites, November 2015, An agenda for sustainable Australian Cities

Duncan Maclennan, November 2015, Capitals In The 21 St Century: Metropolitan Management As Mainstream Economic Policy

Tom Roper, August 2015, Climate change – cities ready or not?

Prof John Thwaites, July 2015, A Sustainable Development Goal for Cities

Peter Newton, May 2015, Regenerating Australia’s Established Suburbs: Towards a New Greyfields Model of Development

Baron Maurice Glasman, March 2015, The State, Markets and Civil Society

George Wright, March 2015, The State, Markets and Civil Society

Janet McCalman, March 2015, Blue Labor Transported

John Langmore, March 2015, Re-imagining Labor’s Vision and Policies for a Flourishing Australia

Tilly South, March 2015, Interns: a case study

Daniel Nicholson, March 2015, The State, Markets and Civil Society

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