The April lunch was well attended and lively. The topic, Upgrading and Expanding Melbourne’s Rail Services, generated considerable interest amongst supporters of the John Cain Foundation. Evan Tattersall, CEO Melbourne Metro Rail Authority, presented a comprehensive overview of the new rail service – Melbourne’s largest infrastructure project in many years. The audience engaged the speaker in a lively discussion of all aspects of the project, from engineering and design issues to the politics inevitable in the implementation of such a large project.

The rapid expansion of Melbourne’ population is evidenced by congested roads, overcrowded public transport systems and costly, stressful daily travel experiences for many citizens. Moving people has become a priority issue for the state government, and to some extent the commonwealth.

A centrepiece of the solution to the problem is expansion of the rail service, in particular a new metropolitan rail.

Evan Tattersall is the best person to explain the benefits and cost, financial, environmental and convenience, of the Metro Rail project and others.

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