The November lunch will present a proposal for the first stage of a High Speed Rail from Bairnsdale to Adelaide

A group of Melbourne economists is developing an ambitious proposal for high speed commuting in capital cities to promote new principal activities centres. Rail links will extend into regions to promote regional development and affordable housing and to connect the respective state high speed lines for inter-capital expresses. The ideas are new, even radical, but many will agree that innovative thinking to promote regional development, housing and access to jobs is long overdue.

Jeff Moran is CEO Mega Rail Australia Ltd.
He is a civil engineer with over 30 years experience in the Victorian Government’s transport portfolio. Jeff formed MegaRail Australia in response to the Australian Governments’s Faster Rail Prospectus. The company submitted a Geelong – Dandenong High Speed Rail proposal under Stage 1.  The proposal was one of 11 to proceed to Stage 2 detailed assessment.  While the proposal did not proceed to Stage 3 – Business Case funding, the MegaRail team continue to advocate for its development.

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