Dr Andrew Leigh
February 19, 2020

Australia’s stagnant economy

For all the talk about ‘uninterrupted economic growth’, Australia’s economy has underperformed in recent years. Economic growth has slowed, wages growth has declined, and productivity is in reverse. For the median household, living standards have fallen since 2013. At the heart of the malaise is a complacent federal government, which has done little to encourage […]

Conny Lenneberg, Executive Director, Brotherhood of St Laurence
12.30pm, Wednesday August 21 2019

Building opportunity in place: next steps for individual and community capacity building (August lunch)

Most citizens are aware of social problems in our community, but few have the knowledge and experience in development of successful strategies to improve the lives of those who suffer disadvantage. The Brotherhood of St Laurence in Melbourne is widely recognised as an effective welfare organisation whose programs emphasise development of individual capability. At the […]

July 17, 2019

Geelong: from gloom to boom (July lunch)

Australia’s wide empty land is challenging to governments at all levels. As major cities struggle to deal with housing and transport problems caused by continued population increase, regional centres are notoriously difficult to grow sustainably. In Victoria three larger country towns offer opportunity for growth, but history makes clear the difficulties involved in creating city […]

Picture of road map
June 19th

The CEO of the Grattan Institute asks where will Australia be in 10 years?

The federal election result was decisive, policy directions are set. The election offered the starkest policy divide between the two major parties since Fightback. The nation opted for minimal change. But this is not a sustainable strategy given the policy challenges that we face. At the same time, many of our basic political assumptions are […]

June 18, 2019

Is Social Democracy Dead?

A conversation between two highly regarded thinkers explores what is happening in Australia and other western countries in terms of economic, social and cultural values. The recent federal election in Australia delivered a decisive, if surprising, result. A campaign based on equality and fairness failed to cut through. Certainly there were marked differences in the […]

Iola Matthews
May 29, 2019

Winning for women – a Q&A discussion with Iola Mathews

Join us for a Q&A discussion with Iola Mathews, hosted by Maxine McKew. The heady days of second wave feminism in Australia, when the role of women at work and at home changed decisively, are described in a new book by Iola Mathews – Winning for Women. The John Cain Foundation and Per Capita invite […]

May 15, 2019

Over-use of a shrinking resource: can we save the Murray-Darling? (May Lunch)

Our May lunch is three days before the Federal election, at which water policy and politics will be a hot issue …Numerous reports tell us the Murray Darling basin is in crisis. How has this happened and what can be done to save the nation’s largest river system? David Lewis is well placed to examine […]

May 2, 2019

Book Launch: Winning for Women by Iola Mathews

Monash University Publishing and RMIT University’s Centre for People Organisation & Work and School of Management are delighted to invite you to the launch of Winning for Women A Personal Story By Iola Mathews To be launched by Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary RSVP (appreciated) by 29 April Pre-order Winning for Women (free postage within Australia) here- http://publishing.monash.edu/books/wfw-9781925835151.html Iola Mathews is […]

April 30, 2019


Our Politics in the Pub series focuses on youth. This month we ask – how will young people be affected by the 2019 budget? Grattan Institute’s Danielle Wood has analysed the effect of recent budgets on Australia’s youth and concludes that successive budgets have disadvantaged young people to the benefit of older generations. We ask […]

April 17, 2019


Innovative law reform has long been the passion of this month’s speaker. ROB HULLS has devoted much of his career to reform of the justice system. As a member of federal and state governments, and in particular as Victorian Attorney General and Deputy Premier, he was responsible for setting the legal framework. His experience as […]

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