Where to Australia? (June lunch)

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Picture of John Daly, CEO the Grattan Institute

John Daley, CEO the Grattan Institute

More than 80 people enjoyed a well-researched, lively, uncompromising presentation by John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute reflecting on the recent federal election results and outlining Grattan’s proposals for reform.

One fascinating aspect of the talk was Grattan’s analysis, at polling-booth level, of the socio-demographic profile of swings to the Coalition and to Labor and Independents. Support for the ALP was centred on higher income, better-educated population groups. The Coalition did better in lower income, lower education areas. In geographic terms, the ALP and Greens are popular in inner city seats in capital cities, the Coalition has the rest.

Grattan’s analysis includes a critique of the policy platform presented by both major parties and of campaign tactics.

So where to Australia? John Daley is certain that known policies will not result in sustainable growth, let alone reduced inequality. There are measures which could be adopted – by a government with vision and courage.

Download John Daley’s presentation to the Foundation here. You can also read Grattan’s election swing report here.

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